The winery

Vinification of Native Varieties

Mas Vilella



The Autòcton Celler winery is in Mas Vilella. It is a functional winery equipped with earthenware amphora of various origins, some stainless-steel vats, many large 300 and 400 litre capacity French oak barrels that are kept in the air-conditioned barrel room, along with the press and the destemmer.

The old Celler Vell

A wonderful winery on the north face of the farmhouse

It is a wonderful winery that transports us back to 200 or 300 years ago and allows us to remember how wine was produced in the past. The winery is on the north side, shaded by the farmhouse as this was the coolest part and maintained the best temperature. There are 5 fabulous underground vats for treading grapes in this winery, an old press, a manual grape crusher, carriers for harvesting with the wagon and old large casks. Albert's father joined the underground vats together and it is now air conditioned and used to store old vintages of wines from all of the projects.