16th Century Farmhouse

La Bisbal del Penedès


Mas Vilella

A project in a 16th century farmhouse, Mas Vilella, in La Bisbal del Penedes. A wonderful old farmhouse with a very beautiful, old cellar on the cool and shady northern side of the house and with different sections such as the inner barn, underground tanks for collecting rain water from the roofs, underground silos for storing barley and wheat from a bygone era. It is a farmhouse with a lot of history and one full of hidden nooks.


Mas Vilella (Cal Vilella o Can Vinella) dates from the 16th century

It is currently a farmhouse, although the beginnings of the building are much older. It looks as though it had been a Roman villa and had a Roman wine cellar. We know this because storage jars and amphora from that time have been discovered. Also, there have been a few necks of earthenware jars found in the lower vineyard of the farmhouse. The size of the plots and the vineyards are the result of a Roman land division or centuriation.


Tasting Room

Tasting the wines at the heart of a 16th century farmhouse. Its traditional dining room has been turned into a unique tasting room in the local style.

The Surroundings

La Bisbal del Penedès

La Bisbal is located at the western end of the plain of Penedès, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Montmell and Santa Cristina. The stream of La Bisbal crosses the municipality and the village, and now only carries water when there is major rainfall. The municipality has been populated since ancient times, as evidenced by the discoveries of pottery, flint and bone tools from the Neolithic period, as well as traces of Ibero-Roman settlements. The traditional village economy is based on agriculture and, despite the rugged terrain, more than the half the total area is cultivated, mainly dedicated to vineyards and olive groves.